Beth Laskin, CPM

Beth Laskin is passionate about participating as a midwife in the global web of women supporting other women in order to create a more peaceful world.  As a midwife, she is an activist for women and families, empowering every woman to choose where they give birth and how they want their bodies and babies cared for.  Beth works from her heart, is loving, nurturing, and respects the wisdom of both mother and baby. It is through gentle birth practices and honoring women’s bodies that she utilizes midwifery for the awakening of consciousness.

Beginning in 2004 Beth has had a global journey of becoming a licensed midwife. She began attending her first prenatals at The Farm in TN, participated in births in four different countries; working in Senegal, Africa in a rural fishing village, Bumi Sehat birthing center in Bali, to a small health post in an indigenous Maya village in the mountains of Guatemala, assisted a homebirth practice and birth center in northern California. All these experiences give an expansive lens on diverse cultural practices, learned skills from many midwives and birthing women, and awareness and compassion of different women’s needs and babies informing a depth of experience.

Beth sees birth as sacred, primal, innate, and knows that the wisdom of birth lies in every womb, in every woman. She brings knowledge from completing an academic education at Birthingway College of Midwifery, wisdom from witnessing many women give birth, and her intuition from her own souls journey as a midwife and woman. Knowledge, wisdom, and intuition is what brings forth her midwifery skills to a deep and profound level. Recognizing the sacred ritual of birth as a rite of passage. She holds space for the unfolding of each birth as unique and extraordinary. She knows that women know how to birth, she knows that babies choose how they want to be born into this world, and she knows how to support this process in a safe, gentle, and skillful manner. Beth feels that participating in each birth is a huge honor and bows with humble gratitude to all mamas, babies, and families she is able to serve.