Birth Awake midwifery care is tailored to meet your individual needs; acknowledging that every woman has their own unique pregnancy experience, birth experience, or baby that is being brought into this world. My goal as a midwife is to support you in making informed decisions, listen closely to your innate wisdom, and walk through this intimate journey together in partnership.

The entire pregnancy and birth is approached as a healthy life process, not as an illness. Each appointment focuses on the well being of both you and your in a holistic manner, discussing both physical and emotional needs. Prenatals not only supporting the health of the pregnancy, but focus on building strong relationships before the birth, inclusive of family, friends, and children. This approach is a collaborative structure, where both midwife and client work hand in hand in making informed decisions through thorough education, intuition, and envisioning what is possible.

Prenatal Care (before the baby is born):

  • Closely monitors the mother to make sure they are thriving by assessing vitals, weight gain, prenatal screening, addressing any physical or emotional discomforts and looking for anything unusual
  • Closely monitors baby to make sure it is healthy by assessing growth, listening to the heartbeat, and looking for anything unusual
  • Draws any necessary labs for prenatal testing
  • Lifestyle consultation: nutrition, exercise, self care and supporting emotional well being
  • Discusses alternative modalities if necessary that can support your pregnancy (i.e. yoga, herbs, bach flowers, acupuncture, etc)
  • Continual pregnancy and birth education
  • Prenatal schedule:
    • Each visit is 60mins leaving ample amount of time for thorough assessment
    • Meet once every 4 weeks until 28 weeks
    • Meet once every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks
    • Meet weekly from 36 weeks - 40 weeks
    • 40 weeks – 42 weeks there are more frequent visits for a baby that is past the due date

Labor & Birth:

  • Birth Awake is a team of midwives at the birth, working together, to ensure the utmost safety for both mother and baby.
  • The midwives arrive at the birth when the mother/family is ready to receive them
  • The mother is supported both emotionally, physically, and is monitored frequently to ensure her health and safety during labor/birth
  • The baby is monitored regularly to observe that it is handling labor/birth well
  • The midwives do not depart until it is clear that both mother and baby are stable (usually 4 hrs after the baby is born)
  • All birth related items are cleaned up


Postpartum Care (after the baby is born):

  • Monitors Baby: vitals, weight gain, feeding, elimination, following up on any individual needs
  • Monitors Mother: vitals, assess vaginal health, emotional support and any other individual needs
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Birth control consultation
  • Gynecological care - monitors tissue healing and pelvic floor, conducts pap smear, and addresses any other vaginal issues
  • Postpartum schedule:
    • Each visit is 90mins which leaves a spacious amount of time to meet the needs of mother and baby         
    • 1 day home visit
    • 3 day home visit        
    • 1 week home visit
    • 2 week home or office visit
    • 4 week office visit
    • 6 week office visit (last appointment)

Birth Awake attends all prenatal appointments, birth, and postpartum care, on call for clients 24hr/7days a week.  The prenatal appointments are in depth visits allowing for thorough assessment,  any questions to be answered, and for building relationships. This comprehensive midwifery care is individualized, thorough, intimate, nurturing, compassionate, and provides the ability to develop in depth connection with your care providers so that you feel safe, supported, and heard.